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Although digital marketing and e-mail communication is undoubtedly dominant in today’s society, personalised company marketing materials and stationery are still essential in business. Promotional materials such as business cards and notepads are old classics that are still relevant and necessary.

So what promotional materials should you invest in and how should you use them to get the best results for your business?

Business Cards

Despite e-mails and social networking sites like LinkedIn, business cards will never go out of style. The key to a good business card is to find the balance between keeping it simple and also standing out from the crowd. Probably the most essential of all the print materials, it is your follow-up from your first impression and should include all vital contact info and a catchy or humorous tagline to make you memorable.

Promotional Print Materials
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Everything that leaves your office should be considered as a marketing opportunity. Letterheads, notepads and envelopes, for example, are great marketing materials for small businesses. Keep all your branding consistent, simple and memorable.

Use branded notepads in meetings and take spares to offer your clients. Give out branded pens and notepads at conferences and industry expos. Capitalise on every opportunity to spread brand awareness.

Other Marketing Materials For Small Businesses

Branded pens, notepads and envelopes are all great but try to also think outside the box. How about giving staff, customers and potential clients some branded reusable coffee cups? This will not only provide you with free advertising but will also shine a positive light on you as a company who cares about the environment.

Think of things that your customers or clients use every day. For example, if you deal with construction workers, how about giving them reusable water bottles or sun cream with your company’s branding? Not only will it again provide you with free advertising, but it will also establish yourself as a useful and reliable business that provides their clients and customers with something that they actually need.

Don’t be afraid to get creative and you can achieve great things with your print marketing!

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